Our vision

We believe in the power of simplicity. Don't make an implementation of a standard, such as ISAE 3402 unnecessarily complicated and make clear agreements about the lead times and costs. Leonardo da Vinci already said in 1504, 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.Therefore, in our approach we assume the existing structure and adapt the new policy of your internal control to the best practice and the relevant standard; straightforward and effective.


Why are we acting in such a way? The structure of most organizations is well thought-out and well developed. We, as external advisers, can assist these organizations further in adapting the existing processes to the ISAE 3402 standard and our 'best practice'. Along with you, we search for pragmatic solutions to for example, the separation of functions or the registration of policies. We observe your systems, processes and carefully listen to your employees. Through this pragmatic- and structured approach you are able to maintain an overview, realize quick results and manage your costs.

Our added value

Together, we will make clear agreements on costs and lead time. We do not consider corporate governance, internal control and ISAE 3402 as a rigid tool of policies, in which organizations must abide the rules. Instead, we consider them as a tool to realize objectives, improve transparency and establish more effective processes. This vision on corporate governance enables us to actually deliver added value in the realization of improving our client's organization. In this way, we supported several of our clients in joining new markets, qualifying procurement's and professionalizing the organization.

We always strive for delivering the best quality to our clients. We are convinced of having delivered quality once all of our client's objectives have been achieved and they meet all the stated requirements.